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Who We Are

Who We AreKinexxus is a collaborative network of churches, affinity networks, and Kingdom partners who have committed ourselves to a cross-cultural witness of Christ throughout the world. Our aim is that all the peoples of the earth know and worship Jesus Christ and that His church multiplies.

There is much that can be shared – logistical services, training resources, knowledge, skills, experience – even money. So we like to think of our churches as collaboratively autonomous.

Each church has something or someone to offer the network at large.


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The Kinexxus office and staff serve churches within the Kinexxus network. While each church is autonomous in its sending efforts, we realize that there are many things we can share that makes mission sending easier and helps us steward our resources better. As the sending base for missions, the church should be highly involved in the process of preparing, strategizing, supporting and caring for the people it sends to serve. The Kinexxus office serves as a resource center and service provider that assists the church in responsible mission sending.

Missional maturity for the local church is a process. That is why we offer services for the duration of the journey. Whether your church is taking first steps or is actually sending people into cross-cultural contexts, Kinexxus is with you every step of the way!

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    Kinexxus serves the local church as the church takes the gospel to the world. Churches that are serious about cross-cultural witnessing are looking for resources and services that help the church fulfill its calling. God calls the church to cross cultures with the gospel. Kinexxus believes in the local church and its ability to fulfill God’s calling whether that calling is across the street or across an ocean. We provide connections, services, strategic guidance and partnership that assist churches in the missions task.

    Many churches are not only looking out for their own missional interests, but they appreciate the communal resourcing that is available through Kinexxus. Your church can become a leader and shaper of the network by joining us at the MENTOR level.